Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart

One World One Heart is a wonderful event started by Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian as a way of bringing bloggers from all over the world together, to learn about one another, make new friends, and perhaps win some prizes, too!

This is the first time I participate, and I'm excited to be one of the hundreds of bloggers that "join hands" around the globe.

I am also excited to announce my giveaway prize, which is a 7 x 5 inches (18x13 cm) sheet of un-mounted rubber stamps with unique images from the woods! If you are not a stamper yet, here's your chance to get started! ;-)

This is a photo of my giveaway prize! (Somehow I must have managed to sneak into the background there ... )

The winner of these stamps will also receive a card I made using stamps from the same sheet PLUS a little secret gift ... (something yummy that is made in Norway, and I promise that it's NOT lutefisk! *g*)

All you have to do to get a chance to win my giveaway prize, is to leave a comment below! Yes, it's that simple :-)
Make sure I can follow a link to your blog. Otherwise I can't find you if you win! (If you don't have a blog, please leave your e-mail address instead).

The lucky winner will be announced here on my blog on February 17th. I will also email the winner to let her/him know.

Like I said, this event is a way of bringing bloggers from all over the world together, and we that participate have been asked to introduce ourselves:

I'm a 44 year old woman living in Fredrikstad, which is a small town on the coast in the south-east of Norway. I have a cat, or should I say she has me (sometimes I'm not sure who's the owner of whom...), and her name is Opel Susanna. Funny name for a cat, you say? Well, she IS a funny cat! She does not respond to her name, but when I say OOOOST (which is Norwegian for CHEEEEESE), she comes running as if her tail was on fire!

This is a picture I took of Opel Susanna last summer while she was sitting on the top of a pole. I think she was pretending to be a pelican, hoping to attract more birds.

When I'm not occupied taking silly pictures of The Cat, my occupation is counselor/therapist. In addition to assisting clients, I aim to assist crafters by making unique rubber stamps with motifs from our beloved Mother Nature!

I have been a rubber stamper for only 12 years, but a stamper for more than 40! You see, I started stamping when I was a young child, long before I knew anything about rubber stamps, and my potato prints developed into printing (or stamping) with other vegetables and fruit, then leaves, flowers, and pretty much anything that would hold ink or paint. (In case you wonder: I have not tried to print with Opel Susanna's paw. I don't think she would have let me for all the cheese in the world ...)

In the fall of 2010, this nature printing hobby of mine developed into stamp making and the beginning of Nature's Print Shop. With my deeply etched rubber stamps, anyone can make nature prints without all the trying and failing (and mess) regular nature printing often involves.

Thank you so much for visiting! To see the rubber stamps I brag about, you can go to my website:

Now, go to leave your comment below to get a chance to win my giveaway!

After you have left your comment here on my blog, remember to visit the home of One World One Heart for lots of links to great blogs and giveaways!

I want to thank my friend Marina of Cherry Pie Art Stamps for telling me about this event.

Have fun! Good luck! :-)

February 18th: This event is now closed. Comments can still be left below, but the winner has already been picked.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something new, something old ...

On one of the online groups for stampers I belong to, the topic of the week sometimes includes a challenge. The challenge of Jan. 7th was, "Combine a stamp you've owned longest with one of the ones that is newest!", which is what I've done for the tags in this post. The rose is a PSX stamp that I've owned since 1999, and I've combined it with a leaf stamp from my own company.

I first made this big tag, which is colored with Distress inks and then stamped with Archival Black (both from Ranger). I colored in the rose and leaves with a water pen dipped in Distress ink. I love those pens, where the water is inside the handle. So much easier to use than a regular paint brush.

After I had made the big tag, I wanted some small tags with subtle colors. I've used Distress inks on these, too.

Here's another tag with a stamp from my own line combined with an old stamp; this butterfly is from Dewey, Inkum & Howe. I had seen it on the front cover of a Stamper's Sampler that I bought when I was in Idaho in 1997, a magazine I bought because the front samples were so stunningly beautiful! I stamped the twig with leaves twice - first on the tag, then another which I cut out and glued on top.

The butterfly is also stamped and cut out, then I curled the wings before I glued the butterfly on the tag.

I hope other stampers will try this challenge. If you do and post it on your blog, please leave a comment and the link!

If you don't want to do this challenge, please leave a comment anyway so I know I'm not just talking to myself in here ..... :-)

The leaf stamp used on these tags is from my sheet called Twiggy Leaves. You can see this and all the other sheets at the webstore.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tick-tock, watch the clock!


"What happened to 2010? It just disappeared!" I'm sure you've heard it, too.

Some say that time is passing by, or even flying by. To me, time is not passing. It's coming. And watch out, for it's coming in abundance!

Since time is not something we can save and put in the bank for later use, how about thinking of time as being in the bank already, with a constant flow into our hands?

One of the most peculiar qualities of time is that it can only be measured by motion. To measure the length of a certain amount of time, I usually need a clock .... and at a second-hand store I found one that was 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter, a perfect size for the clock to hang over the door in my new studio.

The back was easy to remove so I could get the clockwork and glass out. I cleaned both the glass and the metal frame of the clock with rubbing alcohol, then stamped leaves on the glass with a black, solvent based ink. When the ink had dried, I turned the glass over (now working on the surface that would be facing inward). I used alcohol inks on a felt applicator to add color on the reverse side of the leaves.

There are about 2 inches (5 cm) between the glass and the base of the clock, and I love how the stamped leaves throw shadows on the white base.

Here's a side view of the clock where you can see how I decorated the metal frame, using alcohol inks once more. After dabbing some ink on around the entire frame, I let some drops of ink flow freely down the edge. It looked quite "foresty" to me that way.

All stamps used on this clock are from sheet #01 Love Those Leaves. You can see this and all the other sheets at the webstore.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2011!
And remember: Time is constantly coming, so let's welcome it with open arms! :-)

Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please leave your fingerprints (or type something) in the comment field below. It would be fun to know who stopped by!