Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something new, something old ...

On one of the online groups for stampers I belong to, the topic of the week sometimes includes a challenge. The challenge of Jan. 7th was, "Combine a stamp you've owned longest with one of the ones that is newest!", which is what I've done for the tags in this post. The rose is a PSX stamp that I've owned since 1999, and I've combined it with a leaf stamp from my own company.

I first made this big tag, which is colored with Distress inks and then stamped with Archival Black (both from Ranger). I colored in the rose and leaves with a water pen dipped in Distress ink. I love those pens, where the water is inside the handle. So much easier to use than a regular paint brush.

After I had made the big tag, I wanted some small tags with subtle colors. I've used Distress inks on these, too.

Here's another tag with a stamp from my own line combined with an old stamp; this butterfly is from Dewey, Inkum & Howe. I had seen it on the front cover of a Stamper's Sampler that I bought when I was in Idaho in 1997, a magazine I bought because the front samples were so stunningly beautiful! I stamped the twig with leaves twice - first on the tag, then another which I cut out and glued on top.

The butterfly is also stamped and cut out, then I curled the wings before I glued the butterfly on the tag.

I hope other stampers will try this challenge. If you do and post it on your blog, please leave a comment and the link!

If you don't want to do this challenge, please leave a comment anyway so I know I'm not just talking to myself in here ..... :-)

The leaf stamp used on these tags is from my sheet called Twiggy Leaves. You can see this and all the other sheets at the webstore.


  1. Bibi, love these tags! My favorite are the smaller tags.

  2. Thank you, Kerri! I don't often make anything in such subtle colors, but I really liked making these so I think I will try it again :-)

  3. These are gorgeous Bibi, I love the colours and the stamps that you've used - really beautiful work.

    Ali x

  4. Wow these are fabulous,
    you're so talented;-))m

  5. Thank you both so much, Ali and Mervi!

    (Sorry I didn't see those comments until now! I usually get a notification when new comments are posted ..)