Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Doesn't Smell Like Tuna!

This weekend I went for a walk in the forest on a treasure hunt. To me, forest treasures are anything that can be used either for nature printing or for making decorations.

I came home with my backpack full of reindeer lichen, pine and fir cones, as many old, dried twigs my hands could hold, and a camera full of close-up photos.

I spread out all the treasures on my garden table to get an overview before I started making decorations. As I stood there, my cat Opel Susanna came running - apparently wondering what all those new smells were. We live in the city, she's a full-bred city cat, and even if we live in an area with gardens, I think keeping moss OUT of the gardens and lawns is a very common - and highly unpopular - leisure activity among my neighbors....

But we're different. We like to be surrounded by the aroma of moss, my cat and I.

And here she is, Opel the Explorer, scrutinizing one of the decorations I made with lichen and some pansies I had bought.

Opel walked around, checking each and every pot and jar I had decorated with forest treasures and placed on the ground around in the garden. The haircap moss and reindeer lichen seem to hold the most interesting smells to her.

If you were in the midst of a forest right now, how many different smells do you think you could distinguish from one another? Which is your favorite?

No other smells sooth me like those of the wood (salt sea being a good runner up). When I'm in my studio, I like to have the scent of nature around me. Sometimes it's just a bowl of fir cones standing on the table right next to me, other times a dish with moss or a tall vase with needle tree twigs.

Do you remember the smell of needle trees?

This set with needle tree stamps and my other nature stamps can be seen on this page. Come on over and see if you smell the difference between pine and fir! ;-)

Here are some other decorations I made, using reindeer lichen around daffodils and chive.

The zebra is a natural habitant of the Norwegian wood, at least in my forest decorations...

Other "natural habitants" are elephants and angels.

In my next post I will show you what I made with the close-up photos I took, so please check back later this week. And who knows, maybe Opel has gone on more adventures around my garden aka miniature forest?

:-) Bibi

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  1. The creations in the posts are so lovely, and I am sure add a nice fragrance as well. So nice to meet Miss Opel. How sleek and beautiful she is!
    No garden should be without a cat. She will show you things in your garden that you would have missed otherwise. My Myne-cat often shows me where the hard to see garden toads are moving to and fro.
    Your garden will bless you.

  2. Now I know what reindeer lichen is and I like the look! Sounds like a relaxing wonderful afternoon.