Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm so proud! My stamps have made it to a magazine!

As seen in Judi Kauffman's column, Rethink & Reuse, Paper Creations Fall 2011:

For this envelope, Judi combined stamps from Nature's Print Shop with stamps from Stampa Rosa (Sun) and Jim Stephan (Nothing to say). The cirle stickers are from Elizabeth Craft Design (the gold glitter didn't show up on the scan, unfortunately).

Here Judi combined leaves from Naure's Print Shop with stamps from Red Castle, Inc. (X and Envelope art), and Verses Rubber Stamps (HUG).

Click on the envelopes to see larger photos.

I just love these envelopes. They are recycled, which makes them even better! Judi covered a no longer valid return address in the upper left corner, using torn pieces of paper. Isn't that clever?

Incidentally, I have had a pile of window envelopes in my stash for some time, and now I can put them to good use!

Got Hot mail?

For this envelope, I used rubber stamps from the set called Just Chillin'. (I added my company address in Photoshop).

I've had such a ball decorating envelopes with torn paper, stamps and ink. What Judi doesn't mention in the two page spread article (again, I'm so proud!), is how to stop!!

Here's a few more of the envelopes that I made, and there will be more to come. Lots more!!

So, now the question is:
Who wants mail from me? Say I!
(You can send your snail address to:

If you want to see Judi Kauffman's article, it can be found in Paper Creations, the fall issue. If you cannot find it locally, here's where to order it online.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

:-) Bibi

All my nature stamps can be ordered from Cherry Pie Art Stamps.