Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Stamps!

Hi, everyone!

I have just returned from a wonderful week at Madeira, a Portuguese island far south and west from the mainland. Madeira is famous (at least here in Europe) for its tropical climate and abundance of exotic flowers.

Coming home, fully rested (and tanned!) I am happy to introduce my brand new stamps - and how appropriate after being at the Flower Island; my new stamps are two sets with different flowers :-)

You can see them here (towards bottom of page):

These flowers were hand printed in Norway earlier this summer. One is called Bold and Beautiful and the other Weed Love. It's hard to see the text on this one, but it reads, "A weed is but an unloved flower". At Madeira, they had a particularly beautiful "weed" growing alongside the roads in some places: blue and white Agapanthus (African Lily). I didn't have the heart to pick any of them, but I bought some roots at the flower market the next day, so who knows - maybe I can make prints for stamps next summer?

Until then, I hope you will enjoy these!

My stamps are made in America and shipped directly from the manufacturer in Florida. (I get to do the fun part; making the nature prints from which the stamps are made and - TA-DA! - stamping with them!)

Thanks for reading this far, now go look at the stamps!

 :-) Bibi


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