Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Anniversary Sale

I can't believe it's been one year already since I launched my line of stamps here on blogger! Not only that, but I'm turning 45 in a few days! Whoohoo!

To celebrate both these events, I'm offering all my sheets of nature stamps at only $19.66!

Regular price is $24, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to save some bucks and get yourself some unique nature stamps, do ya? :-)

For practical reasons, the sale is good only through my Etsy store.

If you think $19.66 is a funny price, remember that I'm turning 45! (So, what year was I born? C'mon, do the math! LOL)

Regular price: $24. Now only $19.66!
(And I swear I ain't gone completely cuckoo dee doo, I'm just so happy to celebrate my upcoming birthday and Nature's Print Shop's 1st anniversary - of many, many more to come!)

This sale is good from today, November 26th through December 4th (my birthday!)

I want to use the opportunity to thank my devoted fans and customers. I couldn't do this without you all, so THANKS!!

And many thanks from the bottom of my heart to my dear friends Marina Lenzino (my stamp manufacturer) and Judi Kauffman (guest designer and author of several published articles) for all your support and work well done! Love you guys!

Happy Anniversary, Nature's Print Shop!
Go Nature, Go Nature! *me singing*
Happy Birthday, me!
Go Bibi, Go Bibi!
*y'all singing*

To see all my stamps and take advantage of this CrRrAzZyY sale, jump right over to my Etsy store by clicking here.

:-) Bibi

Friday, November 25, 2011

Altered Tin Box

Before the winter sets in for real over here in Norway, let me show you this tin box that I decorated.

This is what it looked like before:

And the final result:

First, I painted the lid with black acrylic paint.

The squares and rectangles are Stampboards (TM), which I painted with alcohol inks from Ranger (my favorite ink manufacturer!) This is a technique that I learned from Marina Lenzino, who also had an article about it in Rubber Stamp Madness, issue #163, Spring 2009.

Usually when I use alcohol inks, I let the ink drip from the bottle's nozzle. The results can be really stunning, and not knowing what the result will be can be quite fascinating. However, there is another way of doing it that gives you more control (although not a 100%).

(click image to enlarge)

What you'll need: Stampboards, alcohol ink, paint brush, embellishments, patience.

1) Cover a piece of Stampboard with the background colors of your choice. I used Yellow and Red.
2) Squirt some ink onto a palette.
3) Pick the ink up with a small paintbrush.
4) Use the brush to add tiny drops of ink here and there. Repeat with different colors. (I used 3 paintbrushes; one for each color)
5) Stamp on top when the ink is dry.

I adhered the finished pieces of Stampboard to the tin box using magnetic tape. That way, the Stampboards are easy to remove - next time I might want to add pieces painted in winter colors, and I can use these Stampboards elsewhere, perhaps as fridge magnets.

The leaves around the box are stamped on alcohol painted glossy paper and cut out.

I also added some tiny Scrabble letters on the side, some bling, a silk flower and a small heart (brass colored with alcohol inks), and finally glued a ribbon around the edge of the lid.

The stitches on the ribbon were white, so I dyed them with alcohol ink, using the same colors I had used on the Stampboards.

Thanks for looking! Now go paint with your alcohol inks in a well ventilated room! (Optional, but highly recommended...)

:-) Bibi

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toot! Toot!

That's me, tooting my own horn! LOL

I'm featured in the November issue of, in a relatively new series of articles called Meet the Artist:

How cool is that??? (Very!)

:-) Bibi