Monday, December 5, 2011

SALE ends tuesday!

My 1st anniversary sale was supposed to end yesterday, December 4th, but since I was busy celebrating myself this weekend, and thus had no time to send out a reminder, the sale will be extended for two more days.

Postcard made with stamps from set #7: Just Chillin'
+ Mona Lisa from Cherry Pie.


All sets of nature stamps:
Regular price: $24. Now only $19.66

For practical reasons, the sale is good ONLY through my Etsy store,
and i ends TOMORROW, so hurry up!

To see all my stamps and take advantage of this CrRrAzZyY 1st anniversay sale, jump right over to my Etsy store by clicking here.

:-) Bibi

Birthday card made with stamps from set #4: Pines Fir Yew
by Minna Mourier

Dec. 4th was my birthday... You know you aren't supposed to ask a lady her age, but that doesn't mean you can't ask ME! *grins*

If you want to help me celebrate that I've turned 45 (!), you have at least four options:
1) Send me a gift.
2) Send me two gifts.
3) Send me three gifts.
4) You know the drill.
5) ... and so on.
6) Or better yet - place an order and make us BOTH happy! ;-)

Leave a comment below if you need to know where to ship the gifts,
and if you just want to say CONGRATUALTIONS, NATURE'S PRINT SHOP AND BIBI!, that's fine, too. But first, let's go shopping!

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