Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Toy in Town!

New since its release last summer - brand new to me.
I'm having so much fun with this!

Perhaps you have seen this genius invention already, the non-perishable Gel Printing Plate from Gelli Arts. This is not your home made kind of gelatin plate, but a sturdy, durable, made of non-toxic materials Gel Printing Plate that you can use again and again and again and ...... And I am! I can't stop!!

This has got to be the best invention since ....not only sliced bread, but the wheel? OK, so I'm hooked. I absolutely LOVE this printing plate!

This is what the gel plate looks like with a few drops of acrylic paint:

After smearing the paint out with a soft brayer, I placed a piece of string over the paint, then regular, white cardstock on top. I pressed the cardstock down with my hands, and to the right is the result:

I have used the printing plate with regular acrylic paint (from any craft store) and Silks acrylic glaze from LuminArte (Dreaming in Color), and I really like the contrast between the matte finish of the acrylic paint combined with the shimmer and sparkle of the Silks glaze.

The photo does not do the shimmer and sparkle justice.

A friend of mine stopped by the other day, and this is one of the prints she made:

Clock mask from Tim Holtz. Print by Minna.

Same mask used on a big tag:

Print by Minna.

I love tags. It's fair to say that I'm a tagaholic! So.... I've printed on a few tags, too. Oooh, and I love fibers! Maybe you can tell ...

Stamps from Nature's Print Shop, "Just Chillin'".

Masks are fun. Store bought or self made, I love'em all! Here I stamped one of my leaves onto cheap copy paper three times and cut the masks out. The "dots " are from a Punchinella (sequin waste stencil), which I've used on some of the prints above, too.

Here's another tag print - and this time the tag is the mask. After I made the green background, I used a lace Magic Stamp (the foam from Clearsnap that you heat up and press over any textured surface to make a stamp out of) and the paint I have stamped with is Twinkling H2Os, also from LuminArte (Dreaming in Color). Yet another shimmer and sparkle paint that I L-O-V-E!

Another Magic Stamp lace print:

String and lace:

I could go on and on! (And I will in another blog post ...)

I don't sell the gel priting plate nor the shimmer paints from LuminArte, I'm just a happy customer who's having loads and loads of fun! :-D

To find out more about the gel plate, here's Gelli Arts' website:

To see all the shimmer and sparkle paints I use, here's where to go:
LuminArte, Dreaming in Color:

And if you want to read even more about the gel printing plate and see several projects using this amazing tool, here's an article written by Judi Kauffman:

Thanks for looking! Comments are welcome ... (Take that as a hint if you like ... ;-) )

:-) Bibi


  1. This is realy great, I have all the stuff in store, so I must try this at home. Have a nice sunday. Gr. Ineke

  2. Thank you, Ineke and DannyB! :-)

    Ineke, please come back and let us know what you made! Would be really fun to see.


  3. Love your tags and cards! The string art turned out really great!

  4. Thank you, Brandy! String is so fun to play with when printing. I've also used "hairy" yarn (I think it's called eyelash). Will show more samples later ... :-)

  5. Bibi, I love the look of this. You have inspired me. So much so that I have made a gelatin plate to play with over the next week or so. If I like it then I may buy the Gelli Arts plate - I can see how much more convenient it would be.

    I have a good crop of weeds to use as masks!! That would be a perfect background to your weeds stamps that I have.

    Elizabeth (sending some warmth your way from hot & sunny Australia)

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! So glad you found it inspiring! :-)))
    I hope you will have lots of fun with gelatin printing, and if you end up ordering the "Real Deal" from Gelli Arts, please let me know. I would love to see what you make! Maybe we can "compare notes" if we both use the weed stamps? (I can't find any live weed for masks right now, but in a ferw months they will be everywhere .... :-) )

    Thanks for the warmth as well. It's soooo cold outside!