Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shimm-shimmery, shimm-shimmery ...

My nickname should be Magpie.

Not because I sing just as ... er, beautifully as the bird, but because I LOVE everything that shimmers, sparkles and shines! Especially if I can stamp on it, or - as in this case - with it.

So, here's what missis Magpie stamped the other day:

Notice the folding ruler to the right? This is more than 1 x 1 meter worth of stamping (over 3 x 3 feet), and when I counted them I realized that I can make at least 75 cards out of this lot! :-)

And guess what? I stamped on cardstock scraps only. Yes! I've finally USED my scraps! Can you hear the sound of pride in my voice here? :-) I keep saving scraps, in fact I'm quite good at saving them.... and the scrap box keeps growing bigger and bigger .... I don't know if this sounds familiar to anyone.

All the samples in this post were stamped with Twinkling H2Os using the DTR technique (Direct To Rubber), which means that I painted Twinkling H2Os on the rubber stamp, then stamped with it. So there is no coloring in here; just add paint onto the rubber stamp - then stamp on cardstock.

DTR is such a fun technique and QUICK, too! (No wonder I could stamp 1 square meter in one sit, ey?). There is an excellent tutorial on Luminarte's website that shows you exactly how it's done: http://www.dreamingcolor.com/class-1

Any magpie would envy me this paint. I mean, look how it shines!

And shines!!

While I was at it, I also stamped up a batch of birthday sentiments.
This time I used the VTT technique (Via The Table), a word I just invented.
Instead of adding paint to the rubber, I smeared some paint on my table (a craft sheet works fine, too ...), and used that as my - not ink pad but paint pad. This way it was easier to get just enough paint on the stamp (fine lines on a sentiment stamp can be hard to paint with a paint brush).

Stamp from Red Castle, Inc.

Oh, la-la! Look how those letters sparkle!

Here are some of the cards I made:

(Hibiscus from Nature's Print Shop, Rose from PSX)

(Butterfly stamp: company unknown)

Hibiscus don't come in this color, but I love this color so here's a hibiscus in this color (+ shimmer, sprakle and shine!)

It's Valentine's Day today, and I'm in love ....

... with Twinkling H2Os!

This paint comes in jars with dry "cakes". Just add a few drops of water (I use a mini mister), let it sit for a few minutes and you're ready to go. I love the fact that the cakes are dry - no need to PAY for water - and they last much longer this way.

For more information about Twinkling H2Os, visit the manufacturer's website (tip: click on their Classroom link to see several tutorials). Luminarte is the same company that invented the other paint I have been raving about, Silks acrylic glaze. (I used them in my previous post).

I'm not affiliated, just a very happy customer! :-)

What I DO sell, are the leaf and hibiscus stamps (which I made from nature prints). You can see all my nature stamps here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NatureRubberStamps

Gotta go! My Muse is calling my name .... (*magpie, maaagpieee*)

:-) Bibi


  1. Beautiful Bibi!
    I've never tried or even thought of trying DTR with my H2O's but I may give this a try.

  2. Very cool Bibi and now you have cards ready for the rest of the year!

  3. Thank you, Pamela and Marina! :-)

    Pamela - if you give your H2Os a go with the DTR technique, let us know how it went!

    Marina - yep, 75+ cards should keep me good for the rest of the year. And who knows, maybe you will get your BD card on time this year, too! ;-)

  4. Bibi - these are beautiful - thanks so much for sharing this.

  5. Thank you, Kate! Glad you liked it! :-)