Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Chili

In my previous post I showed you how I used a chili stamps for a santa/gnome hat.
Here is another funny fella' wearing a "chili hat". Is he a fairy, is he an elf? I'm not sure!
I hand drew his eyes, hair and mouth.

The small fairies flying around are actually maple seed capsule stamps. I'm having a lot of fun using stamps for what they're not!

All the stamps I used on this card are available from this shop. I have a whole set of HOT chili stamps, the two large to the left are also sold individually. (The hat is the bold chili, number two from left).

Here's a hot chili postcard with "spice girl" Mona Lisa (Cherry Pie Art Stamps). 

And this is one of my business cards......

Thanks for stamping by!

:-) Bibi