Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Family Member

Ulrikke is a 5 year old standard poodle, the largest of the poodle breeds (storpuddel in Norwegian, aka kongepuddel). Her official name is Regadog's No Makeover, and her name is so true - Ulrikke needs no make over! :-) She is sweet, gentle and calm, playful, happy, and loves to cuddle.

Ulrikke is a Norwegian Champion, the canine equivalent to Miss Norway.

Ulrikke was soon to settle in as the most natural part of our family. Here she's on the deck with her favorite toy:

Look at those eyes!

Newly groomed and fluffy.

We love going for walks in the forest, sometimes together with cousin Melvin (my sister's Parson Russel Terrier). Here at the ducks' lake. Very exciting!

When I'm in my craft room, Ulrikke keeps me company. I've starting working on Christmas cards, and here is a sample from the lot:

Button ornaments, hand drawn strings.

The stamp I used on the card above is available both as an individual stamp and on a 7'' x 5'' sheet with other needle trees. You can see them all on this website.


Thanks for stamping by!

:-) Bibi


  1. She looks great and so does the Christmas card!

  2. That smooch photo is fabulous! LOL
    I love Ulla, smooch to her (and you)

  3. Smooch from the pooch and I! XOX